Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Good News

Today I received an e-mail from Prof. Binshan (External examiner for Zaidi's PhD thesis) as follows:

After a thorough double-blind review, I am very pleased to inform you that your revised manuscript entitled "Factor Determining Organizational Commitment on Security Controls in Accounting-based Information Systems” is scheduled for publication in a forthcoming issue of International Journal of Services and Standards (IJSS, ISSN: 1740-8849), only if you fulfill the following five required actions prior to 7/31/2008 in order to publish your paper:

1. Be sure to comply with the format requirements of the IJSS: A complete typescript should include title of paper, author(s) and complete addresses with email address of each author, keywords, and biographical notes. In the text, a reference should be used the Harvard (last name and year) short reference system for citation with a detailed alphabetical list at the end of the paper. You should give any journal title in full. The attached sample files represent the final printed version that shows all the information which is required for the paper to be typeset.

2. Add biographical information of no more than 50 words for each author in the paper file with a filename of IJSS6388.

3. Be sure to include “services” and “standards” as keywords. Add an abstract of no more than 100 words. A maximum word count should not exceed 8,000 words. It is important that authors adhere to this.

4. Email me at Binshan.Lin@LSUS.EDU your updated manuscript file IJSS6388 (all in a single file attachment please) in MS Word format with one-column and double line spacing (any other format will NOT be acceptable).

5. Our new policy requires all authors of paper must sign an Author Agreement form, even individual forms if they are at different institutions and cannot sign the same form. Attached please see the Author Agreement form. Please print, fill up, sign, and then scan in a single pdf format. Then email me the signed PDF file as attachment. To avoid delay to publication it is extremely important that you ask your co-authors email the signed Author Agreement form in a PDF file as attachment to me no later than 7/31/08. Please do not mail me any hard copy or CD.

Once I receive all the materials above, I’ll proceed with typesetting of your paper in the IJSS. The paper will be then scheduled in the next available slot in the journal and galley proofs will be sent to you via email for checking and corrections purpose. Please be advised that Inderscience Publishers does not give final citations to authors for issues until going to press. The galley proofs must be returned to IEL within 7 calendar days.

Dr. Binshan Lin

BellSouth Corporation Professor

Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Services and Standards

General Chair, Management International Conference (MIC), November 26-29, 2008, Barcelona, Spain

College of Business Administration, BE321, Louisiana State University in Shreveport, Shreveport, LA 71115 USA

Phone: 318-797-5025, Fax: 318-797-5127, Email:

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