Thursday, April 24, 2008

PhD Series: Tips in Preparing Questionnaire

To minimize questionnaire bias, the followings were identified as best practices (Hussey & Hussey, 1997; czaja & blair, 1996; Salant & Dillman, 1994):

1. Limit instrument to a maximum of eight pages (some said 4 pages)
2. Introduce the study with a simple and clear explanation of purpose
3. Space the categories so that it is easy for the respondents
4. Provide simple instructions
Use common wordings and simple english found in everyday use - no complex terms or unidentified abbreviations. Jargons and technical terms should be explained in simple english
5. The questions and format should have no subjective tones which would introduce bias
6. Design the questionnaire to be easy and interesting to answer to avoid non-response error
7. Group questions into sections with similar qualities and relevance
8. Questions should be relevant, easy to answer and interesting
9. Questions should be applicable and answerable by most respondents
10. Choices must be mutually exclusive to prevent inaccuracies in response

(Details can be found in my book: Quantitative Research: Questionnaire Survey)