Friday, March 28, 2008

Intelligence Tutor (Bronze Medal IID 2008)

The courseware incorporates theory of multiple intelligences and smart learning strategies in explaining abstract concepts using appropriate multimedia metaphor. The novelty of the courseware are:
  • It presents each concept or fact with multiple styles based on the concept of Multiple Intelligences in Education
  • Based on smart school concept (self directed, pace, access)
  • Incorporate holistic approach of assessment
  • Integrate ICT and conventional learning such as cooperative learning in one solution
  • Solve current problems face by educationist /education stock holders - Student, teachers, government, parents and community.
  • The first in Malaysia and suitable for developing countries


Balkish said...

Dr. Intan,

Alamak banyaknya nak kena ucap tahniah (Viva PhD,IID's medals and publications)..anyway you deserve all that..teruskan kecemerlangan

intan said...

TQ Balkish....
Insya-allah, tak lama lagi you pula...