Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tips on Writing Research Plan

Write Your Research Plan:
1. Title/Topic of Your Research
2. List 3-5 specific major aims or objectives of your research work.
3. How my study will make substantial and original contribution to knowledge (i.e. what is new?) and qualify for award of the research degree?
4. What efforts have you made to gain good understanding of the work in the related areas and to find out that similar work has not already been carried out or reported?
5. Briefly outline the following:
a) Research questions/problems you are addressing
b) How you plan to investigate and the method(s)/approach you propose to follow. You must also justify your choice of the method(s).
6. Identify major phases of your project.
7. Identify any special facilities, resources or skills you will need to conduct your research.
8. Schedule of activities (e.g: Jan – June 2008 to July – Dec 2010)

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