Monday, January 14, 2008

Tips on Literature Review

When reviewing the Literature:
1. Find out what has been done or available,and what you can do new.
2. Identify recent publications in related areas.
3. Review them, don’t simply read them.
4. Actively attempt to identify the contributions,major benefits and shortcomings.You’re not sitting for an exam - you’re not expected to simply describe what is in the paper.
5. Read publications to answer questions such as:
a. What are the main results?
b. How precise or valid are the results/claims?
c. Are there supporting evidence? How those evidences were gathered?
d. Did the researcher used a methodology that is appropriate to the problem? How well the method used (for collecting and analysing data) are discussed?
e. How the outcomes of this work could be used?
f. What are the shortcomings?

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